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Hello, let’s take a different point view on corona.

Anxious thoughts come to our minds,

How long will this epidemic last? Are we going to stay at home for months? Will there be any harm to our loved ones? What will this virus take away?

As these thoughts intensify, we feel worse and restless. We want to know the answers, maybe relax a little. We want to hear that everything will return back to the normal at the end of this month. But that doesn’t happen. We go to our beds, yet the same questions bother us the next day. We are getting more bad news day by day, while the virus is spreading unabated. We never know what will bring tomorrow.

So what should we do in the face of these uncertainties?

We can take a more rational approach by analyzing the subject in a more comprehensive framework. Our frame is called Order and Chaos. Order forms our daily life and habits. You know in advance where to sleep in the evening and what to eat tomorrow. Chaos is uncertainty. When the food is over in the kitchen, you experience a little chaos, or when you miss the bus. If someone has an accident while waiting for the bus, you will experience greater chaos.

While it feels like we can live forever in order, we think what will happen next day, hour, minute in chaos.

So what does chaos and order mean in our present situation?

All the news about coronavirus are the events that have drawn us into chaos. The worry about “how much more virus will spread” we discussed above causes chaos. The critical point is that if we feel too much chaos but too little order for a long time, our psychology deteriorates and we get sick. So the best thing we can do is to accept the truth about the virus and protect our mental health.

The truth about the virus is this; the virus will spread to more people day by day, and as a result, our life will change, and this change will be long-lasting. There will also be some wounds that we will never be able to heal.

But we should also note that we learn a lot about the virus every day. Each day we are getting closer to conquer this virus, and we definitely will.

This truth and awareness brings us to the following point. We are in the chaos, unexpected things will happen. None of us can predict what tomorrow will bring, but we are getting closer to the order day by day. It will take time for us to get there completely, but we will eventually overcome this difficulty.

The following three perspectives will work for us in these conditions;

  • If nobody can predict what tomorrow will bring, you should stop chasing it. It is natural to wonder what will happen, but accept that unexpected things will happen. Accept that each ‘tomorrow’ will be unexpected until the virus disappears completely.
  • Notice that we’re getting closer to the salvation every day. Maybe today, maybe next week, but we will eventually find a solution to the virus, and sunny days will surely come.
  • The virus will come and go, but the remaining truth will be Order and Chaos. The details are the subject of another day, but it is enough to know that you should never stay in chaos for too long.

Although we stay at home, let’s enjoy this sunny day from our windows ?